Bible Work Practicum

What is the Bible Work Practicum?

The Bible Work Practicum is a supervised ten-week Bible work program in which students are assigned to a church within the union and they find and give Bible studies while learning how to involve and train local church members. Along with training the church members they are also preparing them for a prophecy series. The students come just in time to advertise the seminar, prepare the community, as well as getting the church members involved. Students will gain experience in teaching, training, and discipling church members so that the members can carry on the work after the practicum has ended.
Since students in the Bible Work Practicum work for the local churches, they may also find that they are involved with evangelistic meetings, or other forms of outreach the church is engaged in.
How do students earn money during the Bible Work Practicum?
The Bible workers will be provided with magabooks which they can sell. Since there is no cost to the Bible worker for books it does not take a lot of time each day to earn the money he or she will need to complete the practicum.
Some churches may offer a small stipend to help defray the costs of the students, however this is not required and should not be expected. It is important that students have realistic expectations for how much money they will make during this practicum. Unlike the Big Book Practicum, student Bible workers will be much more involved with the church and activities that do not generate income will take up much more of your time. Good stewardship is important, and if students apply themselves in the field while canvassing and plan enough time in their schedule to sell books, students should have no problem.
Why is it necessary for each student to have his or her own car during this practicum?

It is necessary for each student to have his or her own car during the Bible Work Practicum because even though students will have a partner they are living and working with, often times Bible study contacts have asked a student to come back to give them a Bible study at a specific time which conflicts with the schedule of that student’s partner.   The partner may have a contact in another area ask them to come back at the exact same time, and it would be impossible to reach one of the contacts if the partners were sharing a car.

Why is such a heavy emphasis placed on the Bible Work Practicum for Track 2 students?
A SOULS West student must be equipped to continue sharing the gospel with others whether as a layman or as a church worker after graduation. The extreme practicality of this program make the skills developed some of the most heavily relied upon for the rest of a student’s life in ministry.
Where do students stay during the Bible Work Practicum?
Students are put into groups of two (sometimes three) and placed in the home of a member of the church with which they will be working. This will be their home for the length of the program.

Giselle Zamora, Bible Worker, Class of 2015

“Meet Jorge Quintero; the only Christian and now Seventh Day Adventist in his family. After having been canvassed twice by different Souls West students, who awakened his hunger for prophecy and the word of God, I was able to give him Bible Studies during my Bible Work practicum in Coachella, CA.

It was an amazing experience to see him study after study learn more about the Bible and fall more in love with God. After 3 baptismal appeals, and much prayer, the very last day of my Bible Work practicum he decided to get baptized! I’m so thankful to God for allowing me to be part of this beautiful miracle.”