Certificates Offered

Literature Evangelist

Qualification for career evangelistic canvassing

GLOW Director

Qualification to activate, teach and lead GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) from a local conference level to the local church level

Bible Worker

Qualification to be a SOULS West Advance Trainer (SWAT) in teaching churches, academies etc…how to get and do Bible studies, run a reaping seminar and mentor.

Literature Ministries Director/Outreach Coordinator

Qualification for directing Bible work in local congregations or conference programs.


Qualification to preach and/or run a Daniel-Revelation prophecy series reaping event

Magabook Industrial Director

Qualification to be a director for Magabook industries at all levels, i.e. colleges, academies, churches, etc.

Bible Work Coordinator

Qualification for Bible work in local congregations or conference programs.


Qualification to teach the Seventh Day Adventist fundamental beliefs

Certification Requirements

SOULS West operates on a quarter system and uses alternating quarters for classroom and field training. Graduating students who wish to receive certifications in the above mentioned areas must meet the following requirements:

  1. Each student must complete a minimum of 80 credit hours of classroom training. This will include 1600 hours of field training as defined by the three practicums and one chosen elective practicum to be approved by the faculty and board of SOULS West.
  2.  Receive recommendation from course instructors and the board of SOULS West based on classroom and field evaluation.

 SOULS West is not an accredited school. Therefore, we cannot guarantee college/university credit for the completion of the Cornerstone Program. SOULS is able to issue a transcript; however, it is at the discretion of each college/university whether or not the credits will be accepted.