Track #1 Courses


RELB 321 — Studies in Prophecy: Revelation

This course will examine the end-time prophecies of Revelation enabling students to unlock its symbolism and reveal Christ and His atoning work on Calvary and in the heavenly Sanctuary.

RELB 160 — Life and Teachings of Jesus

Details the mission, the message and the meaning of Jesus Christ for His day and for ours. What is it about the Christian story that captured the attention of so much of world history? Also examines the connection between Christ’s first Advent and His second. May be taught with specific emphasis on one of the four gospels.


RELP 400 — Personal Evangelism (Bible Work)

Students will learn principles of discovering spiritual interests, conducting effective Bible studies, leading people to decisions, and clearing someone for baptism. They will also learn how to engage and train church members to become effective in giving Bible studies.

HLTH 310 — Health and Healing

This course will explore Adventism’s special role in healthcare, Also common diseases and their remedies with a focus on natural health laws and their application in prevention and treatment for disease.


Studies in Prophecy: Revelation II


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RELB 320 — Christian Apologetics

This course will equip the student to give a defense by studying Christian apologetics, covering the five major religions; creation apologetics, examining evolution and giving reasons for our faith; and Adventist apologetics, comparing different Christian religions to the remnant church of Bible prophecy.

RELB 302 — The Sanctuary


This course provides leadership training and experience needed for a ten-week summer Magabook colporteur program. Students will study techniques involving discipleship, discipline, training, and team management for evangelistic purposes. It will also open up opportunity to gain valuable insight on motivating Adventist peers to participate in literature ministry. A portion of the class will include in-field training to prepare the student for the Magabook Leadership Practicum.


HLTH 205 — Medical Missionary Principles (Intensive)


This course is a study of the history and development of the Seventh-day Adventist church from the Second Advent Awakening to its current global mission. Emphasis is given to the following areas: life sketches of pioneers, early evangelistic thrusts, doctrinal development, and the impact of the publishing work. Further study will include the development of this movement with emphasis on trends, teachings, growth, and mission work.