Certificates Offered

  • Bible Worker/ Coordinator

    Qualification to be a SOULS West Advance Trainer (SWAT) in teaching churches, academies etc…how to get and do Bible studies, run a reaping seminar and mentor.

  • Magabook Industry Director

    Qualification to be a director for Magabook industries at all levels, i.e. colleges, academies, churches, etc.

  • Literature Ministries  Director

    Qualification for directing Bible work in local congregations or conference programs.

  • Evangelist

    Qualification to preach and/or run a Daniel-Revelation prophecy series reaping event

  • Literature Evangelist

    Qualification for career evangelistic canvassing

  • GLOW Director

    Qualification to activate, teach and lead GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) from a local conference level to the local church level