Impact on Students


Taj Pacleb

Class of 2004

“The experience I received from SOULS West helped set the foundation for the opportunities and success I’ve experienced as a public evangelist today.”




Ranela Kaligathi

Class of 2010

“In a nutshell, SOULS West did several things for me. The intense two-year program laid the foundation for sharing my faith with people of a variety of ages, religions, worldviews and life experiences. The program’s four major 10 week practicum’s (Big Books, Bible Work, two summers of leading Youth Rush) taught me how to be a leader, how to overcome major fears (spiritually and otherwise), how to work with church members/leadership, how to disciple others for Christ, and how to depend on Christ at all times! It was a tough decision to devote two whole years to Bible College, but there’s nothing that compares with being absolutely, completely, 100% in the plan and will of God. NOTHING!  I wouldn’t trade those two years of preparation for anything in the world, and now I thank God that SOULS West was a part of the great plan that He’s still working out in me.”



Heidi Carpenter

Class of 2006

“My time at SOULS West was life-changing. God used the classes, worships and door-to-door ministry to deepen my dedication to Him! The SOULS experience grounded me in what I believe as a Seventh-day Adventist and nurtured my growing love for Jesus. My relationship with Him would not be where it is today were it not for those two-years. It was the best missionary experience I’ve ever had and gave me the skills to do ministry for the rest of my life.”




Nelson Ernst

Class of 2006

“SOULS West had not just a large impact, but a spiritually beneficial impact on my life when I attended in my early twenties.  Studying the Bible for homework and engaging in aggressive outreach as part of your scholastic requirements can only accelerate and solidify your spiritual life.  God used SOULS West as an essential preparatory step to the ministry that I am in now heading up which has produced almost 30 million tracts world-wide.  I would highly recommend attendance of SOULS West or an SDA Bible college of similar caliber to any current Adventist student.”