Leadership Practicum

Why is the Leadership Practicum such an important part of the SOULS West program?

The most important aspect of winning souls for Christ is knowing how to gain a person’s decision for Him. Asking for a person to make spiritual decisions and allow God to make changes in his or her life is as important to winning souls as it is difficult.
While selling magabooks, a student learns to ask people to make decisions that are typically in the twenty to forty dollar range. In the Leadership Practicum, the numbers move up to the two hundred to one thousand dollar range. Developing the skills to show people their need of Christ and the importance of having Christ-centered material in their homes prepares the SOULS West student for Bible Work. In the Bible Work Practicum, a SOULS West student will be asking a person to give their heart and life to Christ.  Often times the student discovers that the person they are studying with would much more readily give them a thousand dollars for books than allow God to change the way they live their lives.
Whether or not to give yourself wholly to God is the biggest decision that any person will ever make. The lessons learned by the student in presenting Christ and asking for decisions while presenting truth-filled literature become priceless as they labor with people to give their lives wholly to God.

Where do students live during the Leadership Practicum?

During group weeks, students are usually housed in a central location like a church or academy where there are ample facilities to prepare food, have separate bathrooms for men and women, and have plenty of room for the men and women to occupy separate housing quarters.
During field weeks, students are grouped by twos and occasionally threes and placed in the home of a church member near where they will be working. Men and women students are never placed in the same house.

Winter Leadership Practicum

First-year students attending SOULS West spend Winter Quarter (January, February, and the beginning of March) completing the Leadership Practicum. Unlike a magabook program, the students must each have their own car and are far more independent. Students spend their first two weeks together in intensive training and work. For the third week they go out by twos (sometimes threes). The time students are together is called “group” week, and the time they are out by twos or threes is called “field” week. Aside from the first two weeks of the program the remaining weeks alternate between group and field weeks.
A leader in the Leadership Practicum works with each student for a least one full day per week during both the field and group weeks. It is during this time that the student receives encouragement and direction on how to improve their skills in reaching out to people and sharing what they have with the community.
Since Leadership Practicum students have far less direct supervision from their leaders than they would in a Magabook Program, they must also start to develop the important skills of time management and self-motivation. This process of increasing independence and responsibility is ultimately preparing students for leadership and Bible work roles during their time at SOULS West, while involved in summer programs, and their life work after graduation.

Why does each student need his or her own car for the Leadership Practicum?

It is necessary for each student to have his or her own car during the Leadership Practicum because even though students will have a partner they are living and working with, there are occasions when contacts have asked a student to come back to show them books at a specific time, and a student’s partner will have a contact in another area ask them to come back at the exact same time.  It would be impossible to reach one of the contacts if the partners were sharing a car.