Magabook Ministry

What is a SOULS West Magabook Blitz?

A SOULS West Magabook Blitz is like a miniature summer magabook program that operates only two or three weeks. The daily schedule of a blitz is similar to a summer program with breakfast followed by worship and training and thenknocking on doors. Lunch is in the afternoon like during the summer programs, and we work until late evening. All students live in a central location, usually a school or large church, and work on teams run by a van leader.








How many blitzes are there in a school year?

There are five blitzes held each school year at SOULS West. Track 1 participates in all five blitzes, however Track 2 misses half of the fourth blitz because of their spring break.

Where are blitzes held?

SOULS West Magabook Blitzes are held throughout the Pacific Union Conference. The Pacific Union Conference covers California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Hawaii. We have had blitzes throughout all the states listed above except Hawaii. As a general rule most blitzes are scheduled to be within one day’s drive of the SOULS West campus in Prescott, AZ, to make the transportation of students and equipment more convenient.



Why are blitzes such a big part of the SOULS West program?

There are three main reasons blitzes are a key element of the SOULS West program.

First, it is during these blitzes that SOULS West students are given hands-on training on how to be an effective leader in a magabook summer program. It is no small challenge to remember the importance of reading your map only when the vehicle isn’t moving, or to remember where students were dropped off, or to keep students supplied with doors to knock on and books for their bags. However, once these skills are mastered under close supervision, SOULS West can recommend their students to be placed in leadership positions in magabook programs with every confidence that they can safely and effectively show young people how to reach people for Christ.

Secondly, the Bible study interests generated by students working in the blitz accomplish two things. First, the local churches become very excited when we show the members that there is a huge interest in their community for Bible truth. Also, the experience students acquire while exploring the interest level of members of the community becomes a cornerstone for success in the Big Books Practicum and Bible Work Practicum. In these two practicums it is imperative that the students are able to feel out and capitalize on the smallest interest in spiritual things and try fanning the ember into a blazing flame.

Lastly, the blitzes are the work program provided so that students can have the opportunity to earn money towards their education while being involved in active ministry.