Student Handbook

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Fall 2019


From the Director’s Desk

The grand theme of earth’s history has always been about God’s work and the people that follow Him. Abraham is said to have obeyed God by packing up his belongings and going to a land that he did not know (Heb 11:8). The writer of Hebrews holds up Abraham, as well as others, as examples for modern-day disciples. Like Abraham we are called to go to a land that we don’t know, but Jesus has made the purpose of the journey clear; “Go, and make disciples…” (Matt 28:18-21).

SOULS is uniquely positioned to provide you with training for the journey. We emphasize personal revival, intellectual and spiritual growth, independent thought (inspired by God’s Word), and Spirit- filled outreach.
Paul’s rallying cry to Christians is to “put on the… armor” (Eph. 6:11), and join the Gospel battle. We’re not fighting against the world—we’re fighting against the powers of darkness for the world! SOULS helps you put on that armor and sharpen your sword, and then sends you into the battle with the help of experienced soldiers.

Come to SOULS and be trained, then GO! and do battle for the Lord.

– Michael Tuazon